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Digital Artist | Graphic Design Graduate | Jewelry Designer | Horse Lover
MissDudette is a college graduate who loves horses and graphic design.
She has been an avid member (and a Moderator from '11 to '14) of HorseArt-RPG since 2010, and is Chief Editor of the HARPG-Newsletter.
Outside of her HaRPG work, she adores making dA profile pages, and is known around dA for her free-to-use Animated Custom Box backgrounds.
She loves to talk horses and fandoms, and she's addicted to chai tea lattes.

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BottleCap Adventures Co. OPEN!

Fri Jun 22, 2012, 10:33 AM
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DGR RH Corentin by MissDudette
DGR RH Corentin

At first I was like, CAT DON'T BUY ANYTHING when I saw this journal in my box Horses For Sale - CLOSED from Ikiuni; and I was very good and deleted it from my box.  BUT THEN IT CAME BACK AGAIN AND THIS HORSE WAS LEFT AND IT WAS GOING TO BE A GONER IF I DIDN'T GIVE IT A GOOD HOME...

I am ashamed.

But I do not care.


Ikiuni I shall get you this horse's payment ASAP!  Just getting the ref since the sales are now closed. :)

Ref: Texture 626, Marengo V (Marengo V is listed as usable stock as according to stock provider LyraWhite Stock Horse Rules journal)
Paper: None
Pencil: None
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Hardware: Wacom Bamboo tablet
Time: 3ish hours
Date: November 17, 2014
Music: Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

General Info

Name: DGR RH Corentin
Barn Name: Core, Cory
Home: Dry Gulch Ranch
Breed: Arabian crossbred
Registered: Yes
Starting Age: 10
Current Age: 10 years old
Gender: Gelding
Color: Silver Black with Sabino and Birdcatcher spots
Markings: Sabino stockings and blaze
Eye Color: Brown
Genotype: EE/aa/nZ/nSb
Height: 15.2 hands (5'/154 centimeters at the withers)

Blood Lines

Breed Pic: None
Purebred/Crossbred: Crossbred
Sire: None
Dam: None
Siblings of Note: None
Lineage: N/A


Owner: MissDudette
Breeder: RinaKisaragi 
Trainer: Ikiuni
Discipline: Multi-discipline
Training: None
Show Entries: None
Show Record:
Prizes: None


For stud/lease: No, gelding
Breeding Fee: 1 half-body breeding image of my stallion and your mare (roleplay breeding fee: $500)
Breeding Rules:
• Open to realistic and otherworldly mares
• You may design the foal or ask me to design the foal
• Read my stallion's passable traits (below) while designing your foal
Passable Traits: None
Breedings: None
Offspring: None

Other Stuff

Personality: This horse is a brat.  And he's not even a cute brat so much as he's a mean brat.  He thinks he's hot stuff, and is currently not ready for the Saddle Club kids.  We're hoping one of the older ones will take a shine to him, because he seems to be a one-person horse.  He hates all things fruit and granola, so he's definitely a picky eater.  His previous owner named him Corentin because it means "hurricane" in Brenton.  It's quite fitting for this fiery fellow, so we're glad they gelded him when they purchased him.
Additional Info and Goodies:
Previous Ref by Ikiuni 
RH Corentin - SOLD by Ikiuni

Original Design by RinaKisaragi
Ikiuni designs: second batch by RinaKisaragi


Cat is extremely ashamed to have purchased this gelding based solely on his color.  She usually looks into her prospects' histories and personalities, but this horse was headed for a quick-sale auction, so she paid cash for him on the spot because she didn't want some creep taking him away.  That and she thought he'd match the Ranch's other sabino DGR Fae Rosa.  But he's a serious brat and is in need of some therapy.  He can almost be called a proud gelding, because of his stallion-like meanness.  He has absolutely beautiful working horse conformation, and since we know he's a crossbred and hasn't been competed heavily, we expect he'll have a long life without any health issues.  Right now he's kept with the other mares and geldings, and surprisingly tends to be a loner and hasn't claimed a hierarchy spot.  He does prance for the younger mares, though.  Quite frankly, we've never seen a more elegant devil.  If we can just get him unlocked, we'll have something really special on our hands.

gentle November...


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