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Irish Jubilee 4

Sun Feb 22, 2015, 10:02 PM
Irish Pony Mascot 2015 by MissDudette
Irish Pony Mascot 2 2015 by MissDudette Irish Pony Mascot 2 2015 by MissDudette

cloverGreen Horse With Bridleclover Green Horse Bullet clover


:new:  The Audience Choice Winner is...

Emerald Dream by Mistyhills

CONGRATS Mistyhills!!

Other portions for the judging will commence, and should be up fairly soon! Thank you to everyone for all the votes!

THE IRISH JUBILEE 4 IS NOW CLOSED!  Thank you all for making this such a grand show!  With 73 entries, over 2,000 views and just over 350 comments, it's safe to say this was the BIGGEST Jubilee EVER.  Thank you ALL.  Judging shall now COMMENCE!

I would really appreciate some more exposure to this show!  So, everyone who promotes this show, whether in art, journal announcement or poll, will receive an exclusive custom-made stamp!  I'll keep a running tab of all the folks that will be allowed to use the stamp, and all you have to do is link in the comments below the art/journal/poll you made.  Now what are you waiting for, go promote promote promote!! Irish Jubilee 2015 Promoter Stamp by MissDudette

Good Luck Stamp by Steampixel I love Clovers DA Stamp by CharfadeStamps Clover by SkaianAngel Clover Stamp by Mimisuzu 03 Happy St.Patrick's Day by KorineForever Irish by Heart Stamp by Tricia-Danby 01 St.Patrick's Day by KorineForever Happy St Patricks Day by Straynj3 

Welcome to the 4th Annual Irish Jubilee!  DryGulchRanch is pleased to host the Jubilee once again this year of 2015, and we can't wait to see what fabulous horses will be coming to strut their stuff and show off their talents.  This is St. Patrick's Day!

Class: Halter

This year we continue our halter tradition.  Bring your horse and showcase him/her in a bridle or halter.  The tack must be Irish themed; whether with giant sparkly shamrocks or subtle gold Celtic designs, the tack must bring the St. Pattie's Day spirit!  Horses are are also welcome to be decorated with glitter and other Irish-inspired elements too.

Sub Classes:

Green Horse Bullet   Best Halter

clover     Audience Choice

Green Horse With Bridle   Best Story


Green Horse Bullet Tracing and gridding is allowed!

clover    Linearts are not allowed.

Green Horse With Bridle  Traditional and digital mediums are allowed!

clover    References used should be listed in the artist comments.

Green Horse Bullet  MUST have a bridle or halter on your horse!

clover    Can be a headshot to quarter body showing chest and withers, try not to have much more body than this.
Green Horse With Bridle  Background is NOT required, but could earn you brownie points!

clover    The arena will be outdoors in a minimally marked dressage arena (no letters, step-over white fence). Big fields and pastures under a bright sunny day are your backdrop!

Green Horse Bullet  Do add a link to my show in your entry's Artist Comments.

clover    You can write a story in the artist comments.  Add a song to your story and the story will be entered into the optional Best Story sub class!

Green Horse With Bridle  Send your entry in via Comment to this journal!

clover    Both realistic and fantasy breeds allowed!

Due Dates

Green Horse Bullet  Show is open from now until midnight 12 a.m. Sunday, March 22, 2015, Central time USA, UTC/GMT -6 hours.

clover No pre-registration required!


The Grand and Reserve Champion places will be judged entirely by MissDudette, and my sis TheOnlyBean!  This means give us your best shot, because we wan'na see gorgeous work.  That doesn't mean perfect anatomy stuff though, just make it beautiful!

After we judge Grand and Reserve Champions, the remaining entries will judged for 1st place on down to 3rd place.  Criteria for these 3 will be based on overall gorgeousness/creativity.  Give us everything you've got, or give us something so weird we're too flabbergasted not to give you 1st place!

We'll also award a prize for Best Halter and Best Story.  These will be also judged on sheer epicness by Bean and me.  Best Story entries MUST include a song!

Audience Choice will be judged via polls.  Each poll will have 10 entries, and the top winners of each semi-finalist poll after 24 hours of voting will face off in a finalist poll.  After another 24 hours, the top vote will be the winner!

MissDudette and TheOnlyBean reserve the right to award the same entry for multiple classes, or only allow a different entry to win each class.


MissDudette and DryGulchRanch would like to thank these amazing sponsors for their prize donation this year!  Each will receive the below exclusive Irish Jubilee support stamp.  Thank you guys so much, you're all the best! Irish Jubilee 2015 Sponsor Stamp by MissDudette

:iconlava-java: :iconicehoovesacres: :iconmistyhills: :iconthe-melancholy-virus: :iconbroomstick88: :iconrosethornstables: :icondaggerstale: :iconaccaliarose: :iconluvbutt: :icondoviecaba: :iconsinaas: :iconbink18: :iconpainted-cowgirl:

Green Horse Bullet Green Horse With Bridle Special thanks to RoseThornStables for making me custom green horse bullets for this journal.  Thank you for making them up so quickly, and for helping me make this journal so lovely!

Winners do not have to accept all/any of their prizes.  We'll assume that they want ALL of their prizes unless we are asked otherwise.

clover Grand Champion!

100 :points:
1 fullbody art donated by Sinaas
1 IrishGrand adopt donated by lava-java
Carousel headshot art with Irish theme donated by IceHoovesAcres
1 Irish-themed tack set donated by daggerstale

clover Reserve Champion!

50 :points:
1 Valevanner import donated by Bink18
1 QT Commission donated by luvbutt
Headshot art donated by The-Melancholy-Virus

clover Best Halter!

50 :points: donated by The-Melancholy-Virus
4 custom designs donated by Mistyhills

clover Best Story!

50 :points: donated by The-Melancholy-Virus
4 custom designs donated by Mistyhills
:new: 1 chibi art commission donated by painted-cowgirl

clover Audience Choice!

1 QT Commission donated by luvbutt
1 headshot art donated by DovieCaba
Training image of the winning horse and rider donated by broomstick88

clover 1st place!

1 QT Commission donated by luvbutt
1 IrishGrand adopt donated by lava-java
1 Irish-themed Hallucinogen-Horses adopt donated by RoseThornStables
A group headshot with 2nd and 3rd placers donated by AccaliaRose

clover 2nd place!

1 QT Commission donated by luvbutt
1 IrishGrand adopt donated by lava-java
1 Irish-themed Hallucinogen-Horses adopt donated by RoseThornStables
A group headshot with 1st and 3rd placers donated by AccaliaRose

clover 3rd place!

1 QT Commission donated by luvbutt
1 IrishGrand adopt donated by lava-java
1 Irish-themed Hallucinogen-Horses adopt donated by RoseThornStables
A group headshot with 1st and 2nd placers donated by AccaliaRose

clover 4th place and lower!

Participation Bottle Cap/stamp

Jubilee FAQ

Green Horse Bullet Can I enter multiple horses from my stable?
Yes, you can enter as many horses as you want!

clover   Do I have to use an Irish song for my story entry?
Nope, use whatever song suits your fancy.

Green Horse With Bridle Will there be any extensions?
No extensions.  This is the first year that I'm actually extending the end date past St. Patties Day!

clover  I'm a prize sponsor, can I still enter?
Yes you can!  If you place and win your own prize, you may donate the prize to another winner or keep it.

Green Horse Bullet Can foals enter?
Yes they can!  If they're younger than a year, include the dam in the image to (whether showing also, or just as background filler).


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Skin coding Nesmaty
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