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Digital Artist | Graphic Design Graduate | Jewelry Designer | USA | Horse Lover
MissDudette is a college graduate who loves horses and graphic design.
She has been an avid member (and a Moderator from '11 to '14) of HorseArt-RPG since 2010, and is Chief Editor of the HARPG-Newsletter.
Outside of her HaRPG work, she adores making dA profile pages, and is known around dA for her free-to-use Animated Custom Box backgrounds.
She loves to talk horses and fandoms, and she's addicted to chai tea lattes.

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Sleepy Hollow Pony Appreciation Box


Legion and Charlie by MissDudette
Legion and Charlie
Part 1 ---> Fare Thee Well by MissDudette Part 2 ---> My Own True Love by MissDudette

10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter

DGR Legion by MissDudette DGR Legion, our saucy black mare with white socks and stripe, raced several times in Thoroughbred racing in the Arkansas circuit.  She made a solid name for herself before moving on to other types of races like endurance.  She continued racing well into her teens before semi-retiring for breeding and light showing.  She funded the Ranch's early competition and breeding years. As a dam, Legion birthed 7 foals, mostly Harlequines, helping bring the Ranch to the forefront of the color breed world.  In HaRPG, she existed as the perfect horse and the perfect dam as envisioned by owner MissDudette aka Cat.  Legion was inspired by Cat's real life horses; Shorty Horse's feisty diva personality melded with old man Lucky Charms' color and racing experience for a character that was both wonderful and beastly.  Her entire life Legion remained steadfastly stubborn, always greeting with a wrinkled nose or roll of an eye.  But she was dearly loved, and she lived in comfort the rest of her days.

DGR Charlie's Angels by MissDudette DGR Charlie's Angels was our first mount into the world of cross country.  He was not a typical Quarter Horse, and was in fact sold several times because of his unorthodox build before he arrived at the Ranch with a new stable hand.  He immediately leapt into his new job, and competed numerous times on the international circuit, bringing Dry Gulch to excellence in the sport.  As a gelding in his teens and with blue ribbons galore to his name, he could not retire into a breeding program for Dry Gulch, but instead founded the Dry Gulch Saddle Club, a summer camp for kids aged 13 to 18.  His unflappable personality built confidence in and inspired hundreds of horse-crazy kids during his middle-aged years.  Charlie was MissDudette aka Cat's flagship gelding, the one she always dreamed would help keep geldings on the map in breeding-centered HaRPG.  He was the perfect horse with both kindness and talent, and he bears one of Cat's favorite names of all time.  When Charlie finally retired, he lived his golden years with his best friend, Legion. 

Legion and Charlie by MissDudette Charlie and Legion were Dry Gulch Ranch's foundation horses.  They were the beginning from which the Ranch built itself on.  They came to the ranch a year apart, but the two instantly took a liking to each other and were inseparable after their first day together in the big pasture.  When one competed, the other often came along, so close was their bond.  As Legion became a mother, Charlie often helped watch and protect her foals from other herd mates.  He always cared for her young as if he was the father.  In their last year, both grew slow and arthritic, and the Ranch knew their times were coming.  The two passed away together in the big pasture under the old oak tree in the summer of 2014.  Dry Gulch Ranch couldn't be the place it is without these two, and are blessed to have had them here for so long.  Fare thee well.

Paper: Green Eco sketchbook
Pencil: HB
Software: None
Hardware: None
Time: 3ish hours
Date: Summer 2014
10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter
My Own True Love by MissDudette
My Own True Love
Part 1 ---> Fare Thee Well by MissDudette Part 3 ---> Legion and Charlie by MissDudette

10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Charlie nuzzled her mane. He heard a soft cooing a little away from him. He looked over the waves of green grass, and smiling, he said, "Oh, don't you see?  That lonesome dove?  Sitting on the ivy tree?  She's weeping for her own true love. As I shall weep for mine."

Charlie kissed Legion's still cheek. He breathed her in, and closed his eyes.  He lay his head next to hers. His body breathed no more.  

Paper: Green Eco sketchbook
Pencil: HB
Software: None
Hardware: None
Time: 3ish hours
Date: October 2014
10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter
Fare Thee Well by MissDudette
Fare Thee Well
Part 2 ---> My Own True Love by MissDudette Part 3 ---> Legion and Charlie by MissDudette

10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter 

Legion lay by the old tree in the big pasture.  Charlie made his way to her, each step slow as his arthritic joints creaked.  Despite the sunlight of the afternoon day, his bones still ached. The tall grass brushed against his legs. She was breathing fast under the shady tree, but she didn't seem distraught.  He lay beside her, thinking she may be cold. She sometimes got chills. 

As his body felt hers, he heard her heart thumping through her ribs. It pumped slow, very slow.  Too slow.

She smiled, and leaned into him.  Her breath evened out into a long sigh and she said, "Fare thee well, my own true love. Farewell for a while, I'm going away."

He closed his eyes, and held his forehead to her cheek.  His heartbeat matched her slow, soft one.  He said, "Oh, come ye back. My own true love. And stay a while with me. If I had a friend on this earth, you've been a friend to me..."

She lay her head down, and her body slowly emptied of its last lungful of air.  Her heart no longer thumped beside him. 

Paper: Green Eco sketchbook
Pencil: HB
Software: None
Hardware: None
Time: 4ish hours
Date: Summer 2014
10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter
DGR Fae Rosa by MissDudette
DGR Fae Rosa

Thank you Tattered-Dreams and Ehetere for such a great breeding!!!

Also so hoping to be bred to this fellow for a Lyrichorse foal! Lyrical by Anougk

Refs:… , multiple Sabino refs
Paper: None
Pencil: None
Other Materials: Photoshop CS2, Wacom Bamboo tablet
Time: 3 hours
Date: 8-13-2014

General Info

Name: DGR Fae Rosa
Barn Name: Rosa
Home: Dry Gulch Ranch
Breed: Egyptian Arabian
Registered: Yes
Starting Age: owned since 2
Current Age: 4 years old
Gender: Mare
Color: Liver chestnut Sabino
Markings: Sabino markings
Eye Color: Brown
Genotype: ee/AA/nSb
Height: 15 hands (or 5'/152 centimeters at the withers)

Blood Lines

Purebred/Crossbred: Purebred
Breeding that Made Her: Mossie X Inshalla by MissDudette
Sire: Ehetere's Ibn Inshalla
Dam: Tattered-Dreams's Lakewood's Faerie Promise
Siblings: to be added
---------------------Ibn Inshalla X Lakewood's Faerie Promise
------------------------------------- l
-------------------------------- DGR Fae Rosa


Owner: Cat
Breeder: Cat
Trainer: Cat
Discipline: Liberty and Halter
Show Record: None
Show Entries: None
Training Entries: None
Prizes: None


For stud/lease: Yes
Breeding Rules:
• Open to realistic and otherworldly stallions.
• You may design the foal or ask me to design the foal.
• Read my mare's passable traits (below) while designing your foal.
Breeding Fee: 1 half-body breeding image of my mare and your stallion (roleplay breeding fee: $3,500)
Passable Traits: None
Indefinite breeding slots to Tattered-Dreams
1 breeding slot to HersheyEstate
:new: 1 breeding slot to MistyHills with Sariyah Ibn Kadar
:new: 1 breeding slot to Sashafras with Taher Askari
Breedings: Rosa X Poem by MissDudette
Offspring: M01 Reg Name Unknown by HersheyEstate

Other Stuff

Personality: Rosa's favorite treat is peaches, but she'll eat our normal molasses and granola treats too.  She loves getting her tail scratched, so don't be alarmed when she sticks her behind right in front of you. She's a gentle soul, and not very high in the Ranch mare herd hierarchy, but she's spoiled by the Saddle Club kids, and loves every minute of it.  She has a bit of an affinity for our Nordanner stallion Loki, and nickers whenever she catches sight of him.  At first we thought he preferred to ignore her, but Cora did see him blowing noses with her during one of his famous escapes.  Rosa surprisingly does not like roses, and does her best to snort at and sidestep away from Bean's rosebushes whenever she has to go by them.
Designed by: MissDudette
Additional Info and Goodies on Rosa:
A memory from dam's owner Tattered-Dreams
A Mother's Memory by Tattered-Dreams
Another memory from MissDudette
Rosa as a Baby by MissDudette


This mare was the product of a breeding the Ranch had always dreamed about. Even though Cat loves her crossbreds, a purebred of such Arabian quality just had to exist!  After some pulling of strings, she finally stitched together a breeding from one of the finest Arabian stallions in HaRPG and from one the most loved Arabian mares in HaRPG. Ibn Inshallah and Lakewood's Faerie Promise were equally matched in all ways; both were at the top of their breed registries, both had fine personalities and show records, both had well-known and winning offspring, and both were chestnut sabinos.  

The baby born from this match almost could not have been more perfect for Cat, she had stunning color and she was an exact copy of her dam's enduringly sweet personality.  She was named DGR Fae Rosa, after her mother and her velvety coat color.  She was genetically tested and is a rich liver chestnut sabino, ee/AA/nSb. 

Rosa stayed with her dam a little longer past weaning, and also stayed at Lakewood until she was 2 years old. She was trained in all things horse-and-human-related, and did receive rave reviews for her easy trainability. At 2, she was shipped across the pond to the Ranch, in the Ozarks, Missouri.  

Rosa is now 4, and is just beginning her show career here at DGR. We hope to show her in both liberty and halter, while also keeping her as a working ranch horse and Saddle Club mount.  She will also be bred. 


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